Vista again! 
Friday, 17 November, 2006, 08:52
The RTM version Vista has been released to MSDN. Now all I need is a key, and a computer to test it on :D The x64 version is also available, but I can't download that yet because it appears that MSDN is getting absolutely hammered. It comes on a DVD, so I know people will start griping about it: "evil Microsoft is forcing people to buy DVD drives." Big deal, I've seen them go for $12 -- if you're already spending that much on Vista (or the media to burn it to), $12 shouldn't be that big a deal.

I'm only in it for one thing: 64-bit Media Center Edition. I upgraded my computer to 3GB of RAM last week, and Windows XP won't address the full amount. That, and I've got a 64-bit processor that has never seen a 64-bit operating system, and I want to use my hardware to the fullest.

Technology rules :)
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Hi Facebook 
Thursday, 16 November, 2006, 21:56
I think I'll link this page's RSS feed to my Facebook ... let's see what happens, eh?
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The Rating Demon 
Sunday, 5 November, 2006, 10:14
Again, someone's rating and not leaving comments. What's going on here?

Oh, who the hell am I kidding, nobody visits this page anyway :p It's probably just a bot clicking on each of the rating links.
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Bad news 
Saturday, 28 October, 2006, 10:55
I just found out that my grandfather over in Hungary passed away. :(

In my nearly 26 years, I have never seen my mother cry until today.
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Musical ringtones = win 
Thursday, 12 October, 2006, 22:12
Yeah, I know I was totally freaking out about the Nokia 8290's beep-boop ringers a couple weeks ago, but I just copied an MP3 of Jake Shimabukuro playing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on a ukulele. That is the WIN. Check it out on YouTube.

The new season of South Park has started. So far it has been decent. Same with Drawn Together, though the first episode of the new season appeared to be trying a bit too hard.

Tomorrow's Friday the 13th. That's awesome, seeing how Halloween's coming. The problem is Halloween is on a Tuesday ... It would be cool if it was on a Friday or Saturday. I'd love to go all zombie again, it was freaking cool that time.

... and, in the fourth random thought for the night, it snowed today. October 12th, and it freaking snowed. It's all good, though ... it all melted. The day started out with leaves falling from trees, then snow, then melted snow -- autumn, winter, and spring all in one day. Great.

That's all I've got for now.
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