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Wednesday, 13 October, 2004, 01:00
Got my Accounting assignment back today, and my score was higher on this one than on the last one: 89/100 instead of 82/100. That's good for me. See, I always figure that if I don't get the highest score right out of the box and improve on each assignment, it'll make me feel better. If I feel better, everyone around me feels better, and then everyone laughs at my stupid jokes.

I received the laptop battery I bought on eBay and my laptop detects it, but I am having a bear of a time trying to get the bloody thing to actually charge. I posted in the Dell support forums so hopefully they can help me out.

Joseph Michael finally got his C5 ... it's a 50th anniversary convertible. I drool at the thought. Those are nice cars, but there is one point I disagree with him on, and that's the presence of retractible headlights. It's a gimmick. It's gone. I'm a fan of regular headlights that are just stuck to the front of the car, pointing forward. No need for an extra mechanism to make them come up, no disruption to the aerodynamics at night when the headlights are up, as minimal as it might be.

Speaking of high-school buddies, if anyone knows what happened to Steve Burkland, drop me a line. I asked Joe and he doesn't know. Neither do Jeff or Bob.
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