Getting my priorities straight 
Saturday, 16 October, 2004, 01:00
So the Dell guy came out and replaced my Inspiron 600m's motherboard with a Latitude D600's motherboard. That still didn't fix the problem. Something is very wrong ... my poor laptop won't charge its batteries :-( I've been on the phone with Dell twice today, meaning I have only rehearsed my presentation once today. I need more practice. I also need to make the little movie that I want to put into my presentation ... that should be interesting. If I were to upload my presentation to this website (which I probably will), it'll take up a few megs.

I got Priority Number One done today, by the way. Priority Number Two is now upgraded to Priority Number One, and it involves Perl programming. I hate Perl. It doesn't even run right on my site, which is why I'm still using PHP and hacking out my own CMS of sorts ;-)

Did I mention Dell's on-hold music really, really sucks? It's repetitive. It sounds like (and probably is) a 30-second loop of the same basic tune. I have also heard how to access System Restore under Windows XP at least twenty times.

Anyway, after 45 minutes (second call), I've scheduled another appointment. Wheeeee. I want to get this damn thing fixed.
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