Finals week begins 
Monday, 6 December, 2004, 14:42
So the site was down yesterday ... server's running to OpenBSD 3.6 now. w00t.

Finals week begins today. I have two exams: one tomorrow and one on Wednesday. I'm hoping I can make it up to Milwaukee after my second exam to see Bleeding Through. That would be one hell of a way to end finals week. Of course, come Thursday I'll be installing these new hard drives in my system. That's 320 more gigabytes of storage for me, w00t!

The Accounting case study is done. It's due tomorrow by midnight, but I'll probably submit it first thing in the morning so I can have a clear head for my Micro final.

Also, BreakoutVR Version 1.0 is done! Head over here to check out the somewhat official website. There are, of course, a couple movies for your watching pleasure: I play the game in movie 1, and Don plays the game in movie 2. I don't know if I have footage of Dmitri playing the game, but I do know that I have a total of two hours of tape to go through to see what other kind of footage I can post.

We plan on working on BreakoutVR and a bunch of other things, eventually culminating in a really, really cool Version 2.0. I think this is what the missing tab up there that used to be occupied by "project_w" will be ... an official BreakoutVR page.
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