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Tuesday, 18 January, 2005, 23:30
With my internet connection's death time rapidly approaching, Comcast left an automated voice message on the machine that basically said they may have fixed the problem "remotely". I guess that means that something was wrong with this particular node, not necessarily with the box outside the house. To test this out, I am downloading SuSE Linux 9.2, which is approximately 3.2GB in size. I know this will take more than the 1.5 hours I have until the connection dies so, if that does happen, I know I shouldn't call to cancel Monday's appointment.

I am concurrently downloading about 5.1GB of other assorted data from random Chicago-area servers (well ... not really) in order to keep the test going. After all, I do have to make up for this past month's crappy internet connection somehow, right?

I just hope Comcast is right and the issue is resolved. I'll give it a couple days. If it still is broken, they will continue to hear from me.
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