Not the Netgear 
Sunday, 13 February, 2005, 06:17
It's not my Netgear hub. I think it's the Kingston switch now. I don't happen to have an 8-port hub or switch handy, though, so I can't test it without kicking someone off teh intarweb.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. It falls on a Monday, which utterly blows. If only it was one day earlier ... I think I'll be giving my car some lovin' with an oil change, though the new tires last Monday should have been enough. Oh well ... the car itself doesn't cause me any problems, these are all regular maintenance items. I'm still quite happy with the vehicle :-)

Speaking of vehicles, Julie and I are going (along with her cousins) to the Chicago Auto Show on the 19th. That will be entertaining. Plenty of pictures shall be taken, and many of said pictures shall be posted because I'm just that nice.
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