I Choked the Chicken 
Wednesday, 30 March, 2005, 13:56
Don and I took the Pizza Wings & Things Challenge yesterday: ten of their "Choke Your Chicken Hot" wings in ten minutes or less. We both triumphed over those evil little bastards. I have been paying for that, though ... I'm sure Don has as well.

My second CS project is pretty much complete. I will have screenshots and stuff up sooner or later. I have screenshots and stuff for the first one as well, but I'm not too proud of the source code because it's a bit of a mess. This one's a bit better-organized, but it's still a mess.

It's bloody nice outside today ... I wonder what I'm doing sitting in the basement. There are supposed to be severe thunderstorms this afternoon, which I welcome because I love thunderstorms.

That's it for now ...
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