Bandwidth issues 
Tuesday, 31 May, 2005, 22:22 -
According to the guy who runs the server this website is hosted on, 6Gb of bandwidth isn't enough for the hosting service. That's why it's going quite slow now. It was going pretty fast last night, though, so I don't know what's up. I was actually going to downgrade the script last night but that ain't gonna happen until things speed up. Believe me ... it's slow.

UPDATE: Uploading to the server is no problem ... downloading from it is another story. Downgrading to 0.4.2 didn't solve anything, so I'm going to switch it to 0.4.3 and see what's up.

UPDATE 2: Screw that downgrading BS, I upgraded to 0.4.4d, the latest development release. It appears that the tag thing is fixed, which makes me quite happy. Now to get rid of the two "Login" boxes and enable emoticons ...

EMOTICON TEST: :D :confused: :cool: :drool: :eek: :( :heart: :lol: :mad: :o :rolleyes: :) :tard: :p ;) :wtf:

UPDATE 3: Looks like the good stuff works now :D Changed the alternate text on the emoticons as well ... the script was belching out the variable name instead of the appropriate alternate text :p

UPDATE 4: There we go ... the second Login link is now gone. Hooray for me!
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