Bike rack's up! 
Saturday, 11 June, 2005, 16:30 -
I was driving around with a basic Yakima rack yesterday, but now the bike parts are up on the roof. Yay! I test-drove with my bike up there, and it appears to work pretty well. The bike didn't go flying, at least :lol:

Today I think I'll have to take Julie's bike to get adjusted, since it doesn't shift into first. Hopefully there's a place near her house that does it. We're going biking again tomorrow ... yes, it's a weekly thing now :cool:

My cousin's coming from Florida tomorrow. She's staying for six weeks. Her mother and younger sister are going to Hungary; she was given the option to go to Hungary as well, but she decided to come to Chicago instead because she :heart:s us.

I went to a get-together at a local distributor (for work, obviously) yesterday. Good times were had by all. The food was damn good, too. I learned a few new things about various products, but nothing extraordinary ... for example, I didn't realize that Socket 939 boards will all support dual-core CPUs as long as they have a current BIOS. That makes me happy, seeing how my Asus A8N-SLI is a Socket 939 board :D
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