Linux on the iPod? 
Monday, 20 June, 2005, 14:18 -
What is this? Those crazy Linux guys will try to get that OS on everything. You hear me? Everything! I'll be dispensing water from a Linux-powered water cooler before the year is out!

/me shakes fist

Anyway, I'm somewhat annoyed with the fact that there are very few unpaved bike trails around here. I don't like riding my mountain bike with its knobby tires on pavement. That makes it quite noisy. At least people can hear me coming, but still ... I want my damn unpaved trails! That being said, I can do the trail we did yesterday every day if I wanted :D It's quite easy ... the only time I went down to first gear was when we crossed the bridge over Higgins. Other than that, I was mainly in gears 4-7 the whole time.
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