More HL2DM players! 
Wednesday, 6 July, 2005, 22:56 -
I NEEDS THEM! Right now I got a coworker (goes by the name NumblyJumbly on BaG) to start playing on the BaF server ( ... he's not a clan member yet, but that's because nobody has seen him play or anything :p we got a fairly decent-sized order and started working on it today. This one is for 38 systems. 30 of them are AMD Sempron 2300+ machines with 256MB of RAM each, and the other 8 are Pentium 4 530J (3.0GHz, 1MB cache, HyperThreading, LGA775) machines with 1GB of RAM each. There's also a second order for 50, but that's less urgent. The 38 systems are due by the 15th of July. No sweat. I hope to have them done by Monday. It's the perfect way to get NumblyJumbly used to building machines.

Also, I can't believe the types of people I have to deal with. Look, I know your modem is working. I plugged it into my phone line, dialed my cell phone, and connected to the university's ISP. I visited a couple web pages on that godawful dial-up of yours, using your ISP's third-world freakin' software. Don't you take your computer home and tell me that your modem doesn't bloody work! Don't tell me that your modem doesn't get a dial tone! Hell, SBC has DSL for $14.99/month in this area; you live 5 minutes from here, don't tell me you'd rather stick with your overpriced dial-up instead of going with DSL! The stupidity ... is's mind-boggling!
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