Jeff got some new couches! 
Saturday, 13 August, 2005, 04:51
Yep, they're really comfortable :drool: They haven't been farted on yet, though, so they're not fully broken in.

Well, my time at MicroNet is counting down quite rapidly. Julie and I have pretty much decided on future endeavors and where they will take place. All I need is a wad of cash which, using my current savings scheme, should be generated pretty soon.

I am retaking the pictures of the merchandise with my dad on Sunday. We'll be taking them outside around noon, since sunlight appears to be a hell of a lot better than that blue bulb. The ceiling is way too high to reflect a decent amount of light back at the product ... that, or the product is too small, I haven't decided yet.

My face is itching horrendously, even though I shave somewhat regularly. Oh well. As for my toe, well, it's just as swollen as it was before, even after stabbing it repeatedly with a needle and slicing it with a blade. I might have to see a doctor for this one.
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