Welcome to October 
Tuesday, 4 October, 2005, 03:39
Yeh, it's hotter out during the first week of October than it was during the last week of September. Oh well.

Just got done doing a batch of updates for work. It will be bedtime soon.

I updated my iPod to software revision 2.3. I don't know what it does apart from add a "Shuffle Songs" option on the main menu, but that will be quite useful, as I always just play all my music on shuffle. It's nice to have 1700+ songs on the thing, though ... over 5 days of music. I'll never listen to it all in one day, that's the cool thing about it :D That being said, I haven't heard anything off the new Disturbed or Opeth albums, which are sitting on the iPod.

Anyway, now that I've labored through typing that paragraph, I'm going to bed :lol:
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