Black Friday Toaster 
Saturday, 25 November, 2006, 00:07
Black Friday has come and gone, and I was quite a consumer whore. See, you all know I'm a computer geek, so I had to go to some electronics store and buy stuff, right? Here's what I did.

I went over to Fry's Electronics in Downer's Grove. I grabbed a Silverstone SST-SG01 case, an Antec 350W ATX power supply, and a Silverstone SST-NT04 heatsink. I'm going to replace my dad's Antec Aria and stock Athlon 64 3000+ (socket 754, yay!) heatsink, because that stupid Antec Aria power supply is expensive for what it is. Screw that, standard ATX power supply FTW.

Of course, that can't be all. Ended up at Best Buy. They had 250GB Seagate hard drives for $60. I mean, come on, they're 60 FREAKING DOLLARS. I picked up 5 of them, but none of them will be mine. I have no problem with that, believe it or not. Three of the drives will be given as gifts when my parents go to Hungary for my grandfather's funeral. The other two went into a toaster.

See, this is where the "Toaster" in the title of this post comes into play. I didn't literally put the drives into a toaster, of course. Another item I picked up at Best Buy was a Netgear SC101. I know people get pissed off at those, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I mean, $220 NAS unit? WIN!

Okay, that's about it for now ... working on copying a bunch of files to the toaster, I'll see how it truly performs later.
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