The Bell Tolls for Thee 
Sunday, 10 December, 2006, 13:54
Comcast has pulled the shortest straw.

I do not expect a company as big as Comcast to move mountains for me. I do not expect them to treat me as if I'm the only customer they have. Maybe that's cynicism, maybe it's reasonable, I don't know. But, I certainly do expect Comcast to fix what is broken.

The problem is that their service has been broken for the past 9 days and they haven't fixed it. I understand that the big ol' snowfall a couple weeks ago may have caught them off-guard. I mean, it certainly caught me off-guard because those types of warnings were never met with the predicted results in the past. But it's been NINE FREAKING DAYS, the problems should be fixed now. Furthermore, if the company sends us automated phone calls telling us that the problem is fixed, it should bloody well be fixed, right?

Their customer service reps see that the service is intermittent. They should do more than just say "durrrr, your service is intermittent, I can't do anything about that." If you can't fix it, pass it to someone who can! Schedule a truck roll or something! We're doing something like that at my workplace now and, when we pass it up to the development team leaders, they deal with and solve the problems (for the most part ... Lucas, I think you know the exception). Do not try to tell me that Comcast does not have such an infrastructure in place.

The problem is that this is now occurring regularly. The other problem is that we can't get Verizon FiOS out here (which is a TOTAL bummer, I'd love 15Mbps down/2Mbps up for the price of Comcast cable internet), and that the local ISPs kind of suck. So, Wide Open West is the next best thing. I just gave them a call and, despite the fact that we'd be taking a 4Mbps downstream speed hit (down to 6 from 10), we'd be getting 1Mbps upstream for the same price as Comcast. That, and everything will come on one bill, as we already have WOW for TV.

On a completely unrealted note, I am absolutely in love with Firefox's built-in spell checker.
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