I has guitar 
Tuesday, 17 April, 2007, 02:08
Grabbed a BC Rich Mockingbird. It looks totally hawt. It sounds bloody sweet too. I should probably post pictures of it. It's very shiny.

House hunting update ... the owners of the house Julie and I will probably make an offer on just dropped the asking price by about $11,000. I'll still have to lowball the price like a maniac, but I'm willing to take the chance. It's a nice neighborhood, it has good schools, and the property taxes are relatively low compared to the other listings we're looking at.

One of the other listings already happens to be within our price range, the property tax is less than the one we're going to make an offer on, and we like it ... the problem is that, due to new construction in the area, the property tax will likely skyrocket. The government already takes enough of my paycheck, and I don't want to give them more than that.

So ... I want to move into whatever place I end up with by the end of May. I may have to push that to the end of June, but as long as I can go home to my own house after the wedding I'll be fine :)
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