7 Days 
Saturday, 11 August, 2007, 18:03
My silly countdown series continues ...

... so I went out for a bike ride at Bullfrog Lake with a couple of co-workers. It was a fun ride, though the fact that I'm out of shape shows. I'm going to have to whip myself into shape, and return to Bullfrog Lake for another ride, because it's actually fun.

So, 7 days remaining. Julie's significantly more nervous than I am, which is odd because apparently I'm supposed to be the nervous one. We'll see how I get later on this week, but to be honest I don't think I'll get nervous until I get on the plane for St. Lucia, seeing how neither Julie nor I have ever been on a plane without at least one of our parents.

Anyway ... back to making dinner. Interesting, that I have only lived alone for about a month and a half, and in a week I'll go back to living with someone else :)
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