No backing out now. 
Friday, 17 August, 2007, 21:17
... not like I was going to back out, though :) Rehearsal's over. Friday afternoon traffic is teh suq, though.

So ... everything is in order. Julie seems a lot more calm and collected now that the rehearsal is done; she was getting somewhat riled up beforehand. I'm glad she calmed down, I didn't want to have a Bridezilla on my hands :)

Looks like the next thing we have on tap is the wedding itself. Luckily, the rehearsal was pretty simple, and the steps are easy to remember. I know my ass would have forgotten the steps if they were any more complicated.

I learned today that they don't actually say "you may kiss the bride" during weddings in the Catholic Church. Kind of silly, but I think I'll go ahead and ask the priest if I can go ahead with it when the time comes :)

Time for a good night's sleep, and then for a wedding.
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