The Home Improvement Special 
Sunday, 13 April, 2008, 03:22
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Jeff came over to my place today ... we finally took care of the two ceiling fans I couldn't put up when Julie's uncle was over.

The first was in the northwest bedroom. When Julie's uncle was over, we couldn't figure out why we couldn't get power to the box in the ceiling. The wires were all strange -- we had black, white, and blue. It took a good 10 minutes for Jeff to figure out what the blue wire went to, but when we figured it out, it turned out to be completely unnecessary. We replaced the double switch with a single one, wired up the fan, and it worked perfectly.

The master bedroom was the other task ... that took a couple hours to do. The first thing we had to do was figure out why the double switch was next to the single one right at the door ... turns out that one controlled power to the exhaust fan in the attic -- quite stupid. We ripped that thing out and put a blank in its place. We then ran some BX from the single switch over to the middle of the bedroom, knocking a hole in the ceiling for a box in the process. The fan's on a remote control, which is totally sweet. Unfortunately, 3 15W CFL bulbs don't generate enough light in the master bedroom, so I left the 3 40W incandescent bulbs it came with in there. Perfect.

I replaced the 60W CFL bulbs in the other three bedroom fans with 15W CFLs. They generate just enough light for bedrooms of that size. I also replaced the four 60W CFLs in the kitchen fan with four 40W bulbs.

So, I had a bunch of 60W CFLs left over ... I put 6 in the light fixture in the dining room, one in the master bedroom closet, one in the coat closet by the front door, one in the northwest bedroom closet, and 3 in the old standing lamp my mother gave me (it still had the original 75W CFLs that my mother gave me with the lamp 9 years ago, which still work). That leaves 2 incandescents in the other two bedrooms, 2 on the back of the house (illuminating the back yard), 2 in the crawlspace, and a few small ones in the two upstairs bathrooms ... my plan to convert all bulbs in this house is working quite well.

Julie showed up not too long ago and Lilo jumped on my face ... Adam came here too. Tomorrow it's time to help Bob biuld a computer, which is going to be cool.

So ... busy day.
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