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Tuesday, 22 April, 2008, 01:11
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Ideas. Lots of ideas. That's all I'm coming up with for this house Julie and I bought. Some are quite feasible, and some are bordering on criminally insane.

For starters, we have the economically feasible ones. Last week Jeff came over and we put up some ceiling fans, which required hacking some of the wiring in the attic -- at least over the master bedroom. Minor work, really; the worst part was that Jeff got all itchy from the insulation. While up there he discovered a burnt-out attic fan, which will be replaced. I thought it was going to be done this past weekend but it rained, so that was put on hold. Hopefully the weather will be nicer this time around.

Next we have the flower boxes in the backyard. Those need to go, because looking at them pisses me off, not to mention mowing around them. I like patterns, and work in patterns. The boxes break the patterns. Besides, there's a nice area for a garden near the patio. Grass needs to be where those boxes are, and therefore they will disappear. Still economically feasible, and will definitely happen.

Another one that will definitely happen is a new interior for the garage. I don't get why there is drywall in there, much less painted drywall. That's got to go, but not just because I don't understand the need for it to look "pretty" -- the insulation in there sucks. The two bedrooms above the garage take on the characteristics of the weather: if it's below zero out there, you cannot go into the rooms without shoes on, and if it's hot I need to remove clothing in order to use my computer. Not something I want to do. The ceiling fan in the northwest bedroom (for lack of a better term) should mitigate that, but the fact remains that the insulation is absolute crap. I'm going to bring down the ceiling in the garage, throw all the old insulation out, and put new stuff up there. The only thing I have yet to decide is whether or not I'll leave the vapor barrier exposed; if I don't leave it, I'll probably stick pegboard up there.

Now to an expensive proposition: to replace the siding with EIFS, a.k.a. synthetic stucco. I hate siding, but every single house Julie and I looked at a year ago had it, so it's not like I had much choice in that matter. Along with the EIFS, though, would have to come new windows, which makes this even more expensive. Even worse, I think a bay window would look pretty good across the front of the house -- I'd love to push this room out a little bit -- further increasing the potential expense.

The insane ones: to extend the top floor (not bloody likely -- it's a split level) or to convert the ceiling in on the main floor to a cathedral ceiling. Those will get me killed.

Good times.
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