Friday Friday 
Friday, 2 May, 2008, 14:47
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Hooray, it's Friday!

On the drive to work I have concluded that "Forgotten" by Sworn Enemy is the most metal 2 minutes and 45 seconds I have had all day. That, of course, makes me happy.

I have also concluded that the Civic Hybrid is underrated. Yes, it has a slow 0-60 time, but I'm not racing anyone so I don't care. Yes, its fuel economy is not as great as the Toyota Prius, but I'd personally rather have a good car that doesn't draw attention to itself. Averaging over 42MPG combined is an added bonus, as is the built-in GPS.

In all, I'd have to say I'm happy with my decision to trade in the RAV4. I don't have the interior volume anymore, I don't have the moonroof, I don't think I even have the folding rear seats, and my engine is a full 1.1L smaller, but it's a good car.

Looked out the office window just now and it looks like it's raining. Weather radar says it'll be pouring soon.

Happy Friday!
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