Six-foot dryer lint ducts for the LOSE 
Saturday, 19 July, 2008, 20:22
Posted by Administrator
This morning I figured I'd pull out the dryer to clean out the lint duct before I did any laundry. I wasn't terribly shocked to see a flexible lint duct, but I was surprised by the length: it was about 6 feet long. The distance between the dryer's exhaust and the duct that leads outside is a foot and a half. A six-foot duct is overkill.

I un-hooked it and the thing was full of lint, as if these guys hasn't cleaned it out for 5 years. Furthermore the duct was so fragile it practically broke apart when I touched it. So ... off to Ace Hardware. I grabbed an indoor dryer vent, which traps lint in a small quantity of water, and installed that. The only side-effect, which admittedly does piss me off, is that it gets uncomfortably warm in the laundry room when the dryer is going -- an obvious consequence of the hot and humid exhaust now being trapped inside the house.

I've assembled the computer I mentioned in the previous post. The case it came with was bad -- the four clips that held the front face in place were broken, so there was nothing to hold the face on. I ended up using an Apevia X-QPACK Micro-ATX desktop case I had laying around instead.

Interestingly enough the CPU didn't come with a heatsink, even though it was a retail box. I procured a Zalman CNPS8000, which is quite a tight fit; it is touching the northbridge heatsink as it sits, and it's blocking the first two RAM slots, but it fits :)

Now that it's assembled I'm running Memtest86+ to determine whether or not the 3GB of RAM I have installed is good. I'll probably let that run all night ... can't be too careful with RAM :)
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