Happiness in a Box 
Thursday, 24 July, 2008, 02:15
Posted by Administrator
The computer I've mentioned has been delivered to its new owner: my sister.

It's actually a pretty good box. Turns out that, despite being the least expensive computer in my parents' house, it's the fastest. Its video card isn't the best, though -- my mom's is a Radeon X1600, which is faster than the GeForce 8500. That said, it doesn't matter for my sister because all she's doing is watching TV (the computer's basically a DVR with Windows).

Now that I have a BlackBerry at work (which I carry around all the time, of course), I can compare the performance of AT&T versus T-Mobile. Signal strength is exactly the same on both phones as I sit here on the sofa, but a block east of here the AT&T phone has a marginally stronger signal.

Lately virtualization has been the name of the game at work. I had messed with virtualization years ago -- I installed Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 on my home computer and loaded Red Hat Linux on it. That helped me a lot at school because all of the programming projects had to run on Red Hat, as that's what the TAs graded the projects on. This time around, though, hardware support is required; thankfully the servers in questions are dual- or quad-core Xeons with plenty of RAM. Windows Server 2008 is the operating system of choice in this case, with CargoWise edi being a Microsoft shop. It's working quite well -- our backup ADS, WSUS, and Team Foundation Server, and two SQL Server 2008 machines are all virtual. I'm going to open up the server and, if possible, pop in a second quad-core Xeon and eight more gigabytes of RAM to give it some more punch.

Our primary ADS is a physical box running Windows Server 2003 R2, and it doesn't have nearly enough hard disk space to host more than one "major" virtual machine. I'm thinking of P2V-ing the primary ADS and beefing up the hardware in that box as well, so that we can virtualize additional servers. Why have racks upon racks of servers when you can have 20U worth of blade servers, with multitudes of virtual boxes?

That's all I've got for today.
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