The Dude is pretty awesome. 
Wednesday, 15 October, 2008, 01:53
Posted by Administrator
I'm not talking about the main character of The Big Lebowski this time around. I'm talking about the free network scanner, available here:

I've installed a Dude Server (basically, the Dude client running as a service) and have given it the task of monitoring the network. Yes, there are "pay" packages that are more thorough, but it's pretty cool. The Dude notifies me when any of the servers or printers go down, which is much better than waiting for someone in the office to tell me they're down.

Busy times at work. Lots of new projects -- 91 at the moment -- so I'm behind the moment I walk through the door. Not a situation I like to be in, but I need to roll with it until a certain transition happens.

So ... busy times, but good.
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