Nokia e51 
Friday, 30 January, 2009, 19:09
Posted by Administrator
When a phone that you've been using for nearly 2 years suddenly decides that it's not going to start up anymore, it's probably time to replace it. I have replaced my Nokia 6110 Navigator with an e51. I considered the e71 as a replacement but, because I don't have T-Mobile Internet service on my plan (nor do I have any intention of getting it), I didn't see the need for a large screen and a full keyboard. That, and I have the company-provided BlackBerry, so there's really no need for me to put Internet service on my personal phone.

I'm liking the phone so far. The screen is nicer than the 6110 Navigator's, and it feels solid and sturdy. I've downloaded a couple of apps to the phone as well; however, it looks like one of these apps will be coming off because it doesn't actually meet my needs. The official Nokia VPN client requires special hardware support from the server end, and it can't seem to connect to the office's PPTP VPN, so I'm going to find a replacement. The end goal is to allow the e51 to make and receive calls using the office's phone system -- it has a built-in SIP client, and I'd love to make use of the office phone system when I'm on call without having to use a soft phone.

In the worst case, I'll just establish a VPN tunnel to the office with my little D-Link box.

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