Do you have a MacBook Pro and an hour to waste? 
Friday, 27 February, 2009, 01:05
Posted by Administrator
If you have a MacBook Pro and an hour to waste, and a 2.5" SATA hard disk that's up to 9mm thick, you can upgrade the MacBook Pro's hard drive.

The first time I took a laptop apart I was shocked to see how many screws it took to hold the thing together. It wasn't just the number of screws that shocked me; the number of different types of screws was also amazing. I don't even remember the model number of that first laptop but I do remember that, when I put it back together, I had some screws left over.

Last night I decided I was going to upgrade my MacBook Pro's stock 100GB hard drive to a much nicer 500GB drive. I use that laptop pretty heavily and could definitely use the extra storage capacity. This was my first time disassembling an Apple laptop; I had taken my Mac Mini apart once to upgrade its RAM, and that was pretty easy as it only required a putty knife -- the whole thing snaps together. The MacBook Pro was filled with tiny screws and getting the top part (the one your hands come into contact with when you're using the thing) off was a pretty painful experience. The ribbon cables inside the laptop felt much more fragile than that first laptop's, and they were placed in quite strange positions all throughout the inside.

However, after wrestling with it for an hour (and then having to disassemble and reassemble it again due to a minor screw-up), my MacBook Pro now has a 500GB hard disk and a freshly-reloaded and fully-patched copy of OS X 10.5.

With all of this newfound storage capacity I'm considering throwing Windows 7 Beta onto it as well, just to see how it performs on a computer with a respectable video card. The one in my office workstation, an ATI Radeon HD 2400, sometimes chokes during everyday use; I'm sure the laptop's Radeon X1600 would outrun it.
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