The New Office 
Wednesday, 8 April, 2009, 20:02
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Gene told us that, when Fountainhead moved from their Bensenville location to the Wall Street building, it was a step up. Moving from the Wall Street building to this new one in Schaumburg, then, is a gigantic leap. Gone are the wild temperature fluctuations and inevitable server thermal alarms that went with them. We are no longer scared to enter the elevators -- the freight elevator in this building is nicer than the general-use elevators in the old.

The new office is only one mile closer to our house, but my drive is 12 to 15 minutes shorter thanks to the new office's proximity to 53/290/355 or whatever it's called here.

Things are still settling down from an IT perspective. I've got a 1000-foot spool of CAT6, hundreds of ends, a couple of wall jacks, crimping tools, and cable testers ready to go. I've found that it's a bit of a pain to crimp CAT6, but I've got some CAT5e ready to go for machines that don't need the 6.

All in all, good times.
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