Defenestration Part Two 
Tuesday, 16 June, 2009, 21:17
Posted by Administrator
Back on 1st December I commented that Dell Latitude D830s should be thrown out the window. Today, my thoughts are the same. The fact that we have very little trouble with their replacements, all Latitude E5500s, reinforces this sentiment. It's scary that these came from the same company and are so different.

The quest to load these things with a stable operating system continues. Interestingly enough, we're using the same system on the E-series machines as we did on the D-series ones, along with the same updates and software packages. Softwarewise the laptops are identical (apart from hardware drivers), yet the E-series ones are so much nicer.

That said, I'd still take a horrifically beastly desktop over a fast laptop any day of the week. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned (look at me, talking about computers and calling myself old-fashioned) but I like raw power and upgradeability in my computer.
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