In the Dark 
Monday, 21 September, 2009, 12:58
Posted by Administrator
A few of us went to Bondi Beach tonight. Unfortunately it was quite dark, but it seems like a pretty fun place. It would probably be even more fun when it's light out ... though we'll have to wait 'til the weekend to experience that first-hand. Beer flows like water there.

Furthermore, I'm not entirely sure why mobile phone companies are so pumped about 3G. It's really not that exciting ... nor is it that fast. I mean, I'm on a 3G card now and for most of what I'm doing it's okay, as long as I'm running Firefox with AdBlock. I think Julie is at work right now but I'm pretty sure that, if I were to log onto this 3G connection and do a Skype call, it would suck. There is no reason to have such an epic crush on 3G.

In other news, after we got back from Bondi I turned on the TV and had a quick look at a Cricket match. I can't figure out the damn scoring. I can tell what the guys do, but where I come from, 177-6 is either 171, or a really bad day for a basketball team.
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