2010 Auto Show Pics are Up! 
Sunday, 14 February, 2010, 03:26
Posted by Administrator
So, as per usual, I went to the Chicago Auto Show and too some pictures. I had three cameras with me but only ended up using two. Silly as it sounds, there's a reason for that: two of the cameras have model-specific battery packs, and one has a 64MB card and is too old to take new cards. All three are pretty old. I'd love to pick up a bitchin' DSLR and a huge memory card.

I took upwards of 200 pictures, but not all of them made the cut. I lean pretty heavily on the auto focus on these cameras, and the auto focus sucks almost as much as the steadiness of my hands. Some of these were just barely out of focus and were easily fixed with a quick sharpen, but others were just horrendous. In the end, I think there are only 110 photos left.

So ... link is in the bar on the right. Enjoy!
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