Consumer Electronics Shouldn't Be "Too Technical" 
Tuesday, 2 November, 2010, 23:53
Posted by Administrator
When somebody is trying to decide between various consumer electronics and consults me for advice, I try to give that person enough information to decide for themselves. I don't like telling someone to buy a particular product because I don't want to be held accountable if that person is not satisfied with said product. If such a situation does arise, I get extremely annoyed and resent giving that person advice ... and my phone number, email address, home address, etc.

If I am trying to provide product- or technology-related information to someone, I do not want to be interrupted and told that the information I am providing is too technical. Let me put it this way: if I can explain a particular technology to my dad, and he can understand it and use that information to make educated purchasing decisions for himself, then that information can be used by anyone to do the same ... and I mean anyone. No exceptions.

With that said I'm not running around and spouting off unsolicited advice. To me, that's like the guy who used to stand near Golf & Rand (at least, I think that's where he stood), shouting at traffic with his Bible in hand. However, given my background in technology, don't expect simple "yes" and "no" answers from me. If that's what you want, go elsewhere.

Now ... I know this is going to be imported into Facebook, and I'd like to assure all of you that this is a general rant and not directed at any one of you.
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