Tuesday, 21 December, 2010, 13:31
Posted by Administrator
During the week of December 6th meteorologists us warned of a big, scary, evil snowstorm that was going to sock us right in the face on the weekend of the 11th. The weekend rolled around and ... disappointment. There was definitely snow, and there may have been a lot of it in many places, but I didn't get hit by it nearly as hard as television's harbingers of doom had predicted. There was more wind than snow.

Last night was what I expected that weekend. Thankfully most people drove safely and didn't do anything stupid ... except that one guy in a Subaru Outback on Roosevelt Rd., he was an asshole. The snowblower started after 4 pulls (3 to prime, 1 to start), and the snow was off my driveway by 5:20 this morning.

I wonder if Mario will like playing in the snow as much as I did when I was a kid. I wonder if Daisy will like playing in the snow with him as much as she likes it when I kick snow around for her to attack. Guess I need to put a fence around the backyard ...
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