Somewhere, a ravenous addict died today 
Friday, 27 May, 2011, 11:49
Posted by Administrator
Wow, that subject line sounds almost a bit too touchy-feely, didn't it? But no, I'm not talking about a drug addict dying in the streets or anything along those lines. No, a little over an hour ago my World of Warcraft subscription expired, and my account can no longer be used to access the game. So, that little crack fiend that runs around my brain has now been deprived of the one thing that has kept him going, and he dropped dead.

To be honest, I don't think it'll take me any time to get used to not logging in for the daily grind. It's not like I logged in every day anyway.

As I had mentioned in my previous post I think I will reestablish my membership when the next expansion is released, so maybe the ravenous addict didn't die ... perhaps he just became a well-adjusted, functioning member of society who has surrounded himself with people who are not addicted to horrible, habit-forming objects.
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