Time Marches On 
Tuesday, 28 June, 2011, 19:56
Posted by Administrator
It's the end of June. Time goes by so quickly these days. Mario is now crawling and is able to stand up with the assistance of a nearby piece of furniture; about nine months ago he was stationary and didn't make much noise.

Speaking of the end of June, the Taste of Lombard starts on Thursday. I'm going to put Mario into the baby backpack and head over there with Julie for some delicious, hopefully strange food. One day he, too, will enjoy alligator on a stick.

I snatched up a couple of domain names. This one will become the "fun" site, and I will have a smaller "professional" site ... eventually. I haven't attached a hosting plan to the domains yet because I'd need to rewrite one site from scratch if I do.

Anyway ... gettin' older. Happens to all of us.
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