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Sunday, 4 March, 2012, 18:13
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...but I've got the Auto Show link over there in the sidebar now. Yes, we went on a Saturday; no, it wasn't as crowded as it usually is, but it was still difficult to get good pictures despite being armed with a Nikon D3100 this time. I was most disappointed by Honda because they didn't bring anything new to the show, while Toyota was slinging hybrids and fuel cell vehicles around in their massive display.

Acura brought their freshly-castrated RDX to the show, but they stuck it in a back corner, leaving the current 2.3L Turbo model out front for all to see. Then there was the ILX, which I not-so-fondly call the Acura Civic. I mean, come on -- didn't American manufacturers learn that excessive badge engineering was a bad thing? Learn from our mistakes, Acura.

Lexus relegated their new GS to a single floor model, and an overdone concept. That's not something you want to do for a model that your CEO wants to save here in the US. They lined up four LFAs in the middle of their display, and brought what appeared to be a hybrid version they called the LF-LC.

Pontiac, Mercury, and Saturn were inconspicuously absent. Lincoln brought nothing new to the show; neither did Buick.

It wasn't depressing, but certainly wasn't as exciting as in years past.
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