Becoming what you want to destroy 
Tuesday, 4 September, 2012, 20:58
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Yep, this is another Mass Effect 3 post. What can I say, it's a good game, and the recent addition of the Leviathan DLC was quite welcome. If you don't want spoilers, stop reading here.

I have now finished my second Mass Effect 3 playthrough. It took over 26 hours this time around because I knew what I was getting into, and that there was meant to be an order to the events. This allowed me to be more thorough with my investigations and such which, in turn, allowed me to maximize my war assets.

This time around, I chose the Control ending -- hence the subject of this post. I have all but forgotten the original ME3 endings since Extended Cut was released, so I'm looking at the latest iteration of choices here, and I have to say, despite being colored Paragon Blue as I noted two posts ago, it's really not a nice ending. Basically, Commander Shepard sacrifices herself to gain complete control over the Reapers and, in doing so, becomes a Reaper herself. The consequences of this action are explained in a somewhat mechanical fashion, which isn't particularly surprising given that Shepard is now a Reaper, but it has no emotion. The Synthesis ending, on the other hand, is narrated by EDI and is nicely done.

So, despite being Paragon Blue, the Control ending left me feeling pretty empty.

I have started a fresh Commander Shepard in the original Mass Effect now. This playthrough will lean completely to the Renegade side of the spectrum. I suspect I'll choose the red Destroy ending this time around, hopefully after maximizing the chance that Shepard will live through it ... but we'll see how my thought process progresses as I go through the series.
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