The Semester Begins ... fo reals 
Sunday, 16 January, 2005, 17:56
Well, it's once again time to prepare my computer for the semester. I'm installing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional at the moment so I can develop stuff using VTK 4.2. I plan on doing it in C++ based on past students' experiences. I guess other languages aren't as happy using VTK ... that, and I don't really feel like picking up TCL/TK, seeing how I'm already familiar with C++.

Julie's birthday is tomorrow. She will be older than me ;-)

Lunchtime ... ciao. (perhaps I should have written that as "chow", in which case I would have made a funny!)
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The demo rocked! 
Saturday, 15 January, 2005, 01:42
The demo on Thursday was pretty sweet! They must have played the game for a good half an hour. I had also forgotten just how awesome the game was. We'll probably be using it for our Human-Computer Interaction project.

I changed my CPU's heatsink today. It had the stock Intel cooler, which sounded like a bloody siren when it kicked up to maximum RPMs. I am currently using a Thermaltake Silent Tower heatpipe-based cooler. My system is once again down to a whoosh instead of a scream. Also, changing to this heatsink has fixed a temperature monitoring problem. It appears that the fourth pin on the new Pentium 4 heatsinks causes problems with my motherboard. This new heatsink is equipped with a 3-pin fan, which allows the CPU to report the proper (and pretty low, for a Prescott) temperature.

Another note ... Comcast is once again a dog. This is the third time in 3 weeks that this has happened. I am getting sick and tired of this, and wishing that Speakeasy DSL's 3.0Mbit downstream service was less expensive.
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Demo in the CAVE 
Wednesday, 12 January, 2005, 14:53
Well, it's 2 CS courses and one Business course this semester. I got out of Management Accounting and into Human-Computer Interaction. That should fly pretty well ... I think I'm getting close to my CS Master's, and am beginning to get a bit antsy.

This semester looks like it'll be a good ol' time. Scientific visualization, experimenting on test subjects, and finance.

There are a bunch of people from Columbia University stopping by the CAVE tomorrow. Don and I (and possibly Dmitri) are going there to show off BreakoutVR because it's awesome.
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New computers all around! 
Sunday, 9 January, 2005, 06:55
I'm waiting for Julie's old hard drive to finish copying to my hard drive. I have it backed up on a communal 250GB Maxtor external hard drive and am transferring it over Firewire as I type this. Julie got a new computer now ... I got a new comptuer as well. With a new computer comes a fresh OS reload, and with a fresh OS reload comes a massive data file backup (as in Ghosting from her old drive to this Maxtor) and restore. Of course, since this Maxtor belongs to my workplace, I can't keep her data on here forever, which is why I'm transferring the data to my hard drive and formatting the Maxtor when I'm done.

School begins tomorrow. Joy. I'm taking 12 hours again: Intro to Corporate Finance, Management Accounting, and Computer Graphics II. My Schedule's even more fun this semester than last, giving me almost a 6-hour break between classes on Tuesdays. The sooner I finish this stuff the better, I'm getting sick of it.

Now, I shall enjoy my last good night's sleep before the Spring 2005 semester. Good night, all.
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Anniversary Edition 
Wednesday, 5 January, 2005, 04:45
Happy 4 years, 10 months, 5 hours and 36 minutes (as of the time I wrote this sentence) to Julie :-)

I just got back from doing on-site service. I was there since 4:30. Yep, I was there for 4 and a half hours, and it took 45 minutes for me to drive home due to the snow. Why didn't we have snow for Christmas? And, will the snow be here this weekend? Julie still hasn't been able to use the sled I gave her for her twenty-second birthday two years ago.

Anyway, I'm seriously tired. No NFSU2 tonight ... I'm going to bed. I worked nearly 11 and a half hours today, I guess that counts for something, right?
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