Birthday Edition 
Sunday, 27 February, 2005, 06:07
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Rather large update 
Saturday, 19 February, 2005, 04:54
Well, it's not the Kingston switch. Pain in the ass, I tell you ... this narrows it down to the Netgear wireless router or the cable modem itself. If it is the cable modem, I will be uber-pissed because of the gratuitous cable modem change that took place back in December. If I could bo back in time and goatse the guy who changed the cable modem, I would in a heartbeat.

VTK pipelines take a little bit of getting used to. Once you get used to 'em (and the strange way that the documentation is written), they're pretty easy. I wish I knew how to cause a vtkRenderWindowInteractor to redraw itself without having to click on it, though ... I figure, a good temporary solution is to have the window the RWI is in hide itself and then show itself again, as this forces OpenGL to redraw the window contents and brings the window into focus. Of course, that's kind of ghetto. All in all, though, I'm happy I got the pipelines all figured out.

Big Things may be brewing for the summer ... I shall get on the ball on Sunday and hopefully will know whether Big Things will happen by the middle of March.

So I saw a Bentley Continental GT in the parking lot at the store today. Seriously, that parking lot is the worst parking lot in the state of Illinois. People are just not careful in that parking lot ... on the third day I owned my Solara, some jackass hit my rear bumper in that parking lot, in the same spot where that Continental GT was parked. Now, if people don't care about a $20,000 car, why would they care about a $156,000 car? Bunch of hosers in that parking lot, I swear ... not only the drivers, but also that Bentley owner. It was a nice looking car, though.

Speaking of cars, I'm going to the Auto Show tomorrow. I'm taking pictures. I'll toss 'em up into another gallery on the pics page.
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Death of a Friend 
Wednesday, 16 February, 2005, 01:06
So I closed CandidForums ... how sad. I think I'll go mope or something.
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Not the Netgear 
Sunday, 13 February, 2005, 06:17
It's not my Netgear hub. I think it's the Kingston switch now. I don't happen to have an 8-port hub or switch handy, though, so I can't test it without kicking someone off teh intarweb.

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. It falls on a Monday, which utterly blows. If only it was one day earlier ... I think I'll be giving my car some lovin' with an oil change, though the new tires last Monday should have been enough. Oh well ... the car itself doesn't cause me any problems, these are all regular maintenance items. I'm still quite happy with the vehicle :-)

Speaking of vehicles, Julie and I are going (along with her cousins) to the Chicago Auto Show on the 19th. That will be entertaining. Plenty of pictures shall be taken, and many of said pictures shall be posted because I'm just that nice.
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Bloody Intarweb 
Saturday, 5 February, 2005, 14:31
I think I have an idea as to why I keep getting disconnected from AIM, and all signs point to a hub. Whether it's my Netgear 4-port hub or the Kingston 8-port switch upstairs, I don't know, but it's getting really annoying.

I have received a request (in person, no less!) for an "earth-tones" style, so that shall be created ... eventually ...
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