Oh, the shame. 
Thursday, 28 April, 2005, 14:12
I am ashamed of my gut. I admit it. I have to work damn hard to get rid of it.

There, I said it.
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Slow month, eh? 
Thursday, 21 April, 2005, 13:21
April really isn't the best month for updates, is it?

So allergy season is in full swing. A single Claritin-D 24 hour is not strong enough to fight 'em off for an entire day, so I have to carry Sudafed so I can pop one when it wears off. That is totally weak. I think the longest time a Claritin has lasted me is 15 hours, but lately it's been more like 8 or 9.

School is also going strong ... the BreakoutVR user studies led us to an interesting conclusion, but I won't go into that here because I don't feel like it :p I'm working on a volume rendering project for CG2, which is coming along quite nicely. I've got all the volume rendering bits down cold, but I have to tweak the colors so they look prettier.

School's going to end soon. Finals week begins 2 May. Good times ahead, let me tell ya.
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Sunday, 10 April, 2005, 16:19
So anyway, I transferred a 5 and a half-hour long VHS tape onto my hard drive ... so now I have this 15GB file just sitting there. I doubt I'll be able to fit all of it onto one DVD ... Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 are in the works, I guess.

I think I'll be doing some more of that because we have a lot of VHS tape. I also think I'll need to buy a pair of those 400GB Seagate SATA hard drives and stick 'em on my Promise FastTrak S150 TX2 Plus in a RAID 1 configuration so I can have somewhat secure storage of these videos ... if I keep throwing 15GB videos at my current hard drives, I'll run out of space and become pissed off.

Perhaps, if I have the patience, I should start offering this as a service ... maybe that'll help me finance said drives.

It was definitely a long week ... I'm glad it's over and a new one is beginning. BreakoutVR user studies should be beginning this week. We got some valuable feedback from a guy who has never played the game before. I think he was the first lefty to play the game as well. That is most excellent.
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April Angst 
Saturday, 2 April, 2005, 01:34
Well, April came in with a major suck. That's all I'm going to say now.
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I Choked the Chicken 
Wednesday, 30 March, 2005, 13:56
Don and I took the Pizza Wings & Things Challenge yesterday: ten of their "Choke Your Chicken Hot" wings in ten minutes or less. We both triumphed over those evil little bastards. I have been paying for that, though ... I'm sure Don has as well.

My second CS project is pretty much complete. I will have screenshots and stuff up sooner or later. I have screenshots and stuff for the first one as well, but I'm not too proud of the source code because it's a bit of a mess. This one's a bit better-organized, but it's still a mess.

It's bloody nice outside today ... I wonder what I'm doing sitting in the basement. There are supposed to be severe thunderstorms this afternoon, which I welcome because I love thunderstorms.

That's it for now ...
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