Only took 6 years 
Wednesday, 29 May, 2013, 13:50
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...well, almost 6 years. As of Friday, we will have owned our house for 6 years. And, after all this time, we have finally acquired some patio furniture. Okay, that may not be as exciting as the title may suggest, but it complements our grill quite nicely. Eating outside may not seem like a big deal, but when you're as clumsy as I am, the threat of tripping while carrying barbecued meat up the stairs is very real and very scary.

I'm also pretty happy about the umbrella we bought to go with it because it doesn't have a crank. Again, not necessarily a big deal, but a simple pulley system is much nicer than a crank, which I tend to think of as quite failure-prone. Past experience, etc.

I just noticed that I haven't posted a link to the 2013 Auto Show pictures. This is because I haven't bothered to generate an album for them quite yet. I'll eventually get it up there ... won't take 6 years, that's for sure :)
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Silly hobby 
Tuesday, 19 February, 2013, 19:04
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Shaving can be a hobby.

No, really, hear me out. I know some folks think it's a chore. You have to waste valuable time trimming the excess hair off your face with tools and consumables that are expensive, lest you be perceived as a lumberjack/mountain man/grizzly bear/hobo. Hell, I used to think it was a chore. I hated monitoring that green strip on my Gillette Fusion to make sure it was still green, and I hated throwing the blade out and clicking another one on because, damn, those things are expensive.

Several years ago some guy posted a thread about wet shaving on a forum that I still frequent. I thought "man, how can this possibly be a good thing? That razor has one blade, mine has 5. Obviously mine's better." But the hype kept growing ... so, at the beginning of Movember 2012, I bought myself a small safety razor. I knew nothing about it, other than the vendor calls it a "heavyweight." It's definitely heavy for its size -- you'd expect it to weigh nothing, but here it is, heavier than its larger counterparts in the display case. I read up on the proper procedures and went to work.

Immediately, I noticed a difference. Yes, I had to do more than one pass with this new device, but my face was smooth, and I didn't nick myself more than usual.

As the weeks went by, I started experimenting with blades from other manufacturers. I heard that slant-bar safety razors were more aggressive, but the cut was smoother, so I went and got one of those.

...and, suddenly, I look forward to shaving. I look forward to seeing the difference between a particular manufacturer's blade in a straight-bar versus slant-bar safety razor. I look forward to seeing how many passes (and what types of passes) it takes to clear all the hair off, whether or not my mental map of my face is accurate based on the number of nicks I end up seeing, and then refining my technique to reduce/eliminate them.

So, there it is. I like to shave. How silly is that?
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Happy Birthday, Julie! 
Thursday, 17 January, 2013, 13:42
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Saturday, 29 December, 2012, 02:28
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The world was supposed to end a week ago today, but here I am, writing an entry for this website that nobody (or, at most, very few people) will see. You probably know this already, but I didn't think for a second that this Mayan Apocalypse thing would pan out. Even if you don't look at the scientific evidence against such an occurrence, you have to consider the fact that, while there are still Mayans around, they apparently didn't predict the downfall of their advanced civilization. Yes, there are Mayans still around -- the language isn't dead either -- but they're not seeing the future (or building interstellar vessels, for that matter).

One thing that is coming to an end, though, is 2012. There were good times, there were bad times, but it all washes out in the end, doesn't it? Monday night will be a time for eating, drinking, and having a good ol' time ... unless you're working, in which case, sorry.
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Decembeard is upon us 
Monday, 3 December, 2012, 19:25
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I postponed the growing of my winter beard for one month. I'm glad I did because it's been pretty nice out, and a beard would have made my face somewhat uncomfortable. At any rate, I started the month with a freshly-shaven face and am going to refrain from touching it with a razor for a while. This is just for fun, though, not for anything charitable. I hope to look like I was hibernating in a cave for a while.
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