Sunday, 4 July, 2004, 01:00
Yesterday was quite entertaining ... first of all, I learned where the Brat Stop is, so if I ever need brats I know where to go. It's just behind the cheddar curtain, so it isn't too far, but I only know how to get there on the side-streets.

Speaking of side-streets, Dan test-drove a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII yesterday. I'll leave the gory details out (you can thank me later, Dan) and say ... that car is fast. I may have been sitting in the passenger seat, but when Dan got the car going it was a feeling similar to when Jeff got the Trans-Am going. There are a few differences between the LanEvo and a Trans-Am, though ... LanEvo = factory rice, Trans-Am = RWD American V8. Don't get me wrong, the LanEvo is a nice vehicle, and the seats (holy cow, the SEATS) are bloody amazing ... but you all should know my opinion of Mitsubishi Motors by now (if not, you won't see it on this web page).

So today the fireworks are going off at Orland Park. I don't understand this. The 4th is tomorrow. Chicago's fireworks are being displayed tonight so that people from the suburbs can watch their city's display on the 4th. Could Orland Park be saying that their fireworks are equal to or better than Chicago's? How many other suburbs are doing this? And, furthermore, will Six Flags Great America's fireworks all go off on the ground again?M

I got to drive a U-Haul truck on Thursday. The 7.3L Diesel V8 truck was filled with those 82 computers (and 8 more, making it 90), a bunch of monitors, and keyboards. The town we delivered them is called Milledgeville, population 1200. It's hella small, just outside of Dixon, which (I think) is smaller than Des Plaines.

I got my arse into Accounting 500 after e-mailing the powers that be ... now I have to see if I can get into Finance 500 or IDS 500 or something along those lines ... more grappling to come soon!

Site news ... the third color scheme, Blue, is up. So if you're using a decent Web browser (read: anything but IE) you should be able to switch between the 3 colors. The default (Evolver) is green, Revolver is gray, and if you don't know what Blue is you should be slapped. I have received requests for purple and red as well, so this site will be a freakin' rainbow before you know it.
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First Gallery 
Saturday, 26 June, 2004, 04:00
Okay, so I've stuck the first gallery of pictures onto the pics page. I'll be adding more as I go along, which should be pretty easy given the script I'm using. It's actually very short, and is w3c compliant (after some slight modifications, of course), which means it should display the same way on all Web browsers.

Things have been somewhat busy lately. We finished an order for 82 systems on Tuesday so I got Wednesday off. Julie and I went to her local Honda and Toyota dealerships. I kind of liked the Honda Element, but the Scion tC (which we saw at the Toyota dealership) was uber-sweet. It may not have a ton of horsepower, and it may be wrong-wheel drive, but it's one sweet vehicle for the money. The Scion xA was also a cute little car ... I found myself looking for a place to stick the wind-up key.

I got accepted to UIC's business school. That is totally sweet. The Student Access System is horribly confused, though; I can't register for MBA courses. I'll just have to pester the appropriate departments until I get my way ;-)

Two alternate stylesheets are in the works. You can switch between 'em if you have a browser capable of such behavior ...
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Monday, 14 June, 2004, 04:00
Oops ... something went wrong.
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Harry Potter 
Tuesday, 8 June, 2004, 04:00
I gotta say, the new Harry Potter movie left me with some mixed feelings. I saw it at the Woodridge IMAX theater with Julie, her sister, her brother, and her brother's friend yesterday. Yes, it was a good movie, but you can definitely tell that a different director was involved. Furthermore, I think Ian McKellen would have made a better Dumbledore than Michael Gambon, simply because he kicked royal ass as Gandalf in the LOTR movies :-)
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The river is no longer a threat. 
Wednesday, 2 June, 2004, 18:00
Well, the threat of the river entering the freakin' house is gone. The City is sending trucks and Bobcats to remove sandbags. Pretty nice of them.

I'm sitting at work right now. It's kind of slow at the moment. We're waiting for seven Pentium 4 2.8E processors to arrive so we can build the last seven workstations of a 20-system order. Pretty spiffy. No further updates at the moment ...
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