Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, 00:36
If it wasn't for Lake Michigan, there wouldn't be as much humidity around here. At least, that's what I believe. The interesting thing is that we haven't had decent rain for weeks, if not months, yet I could go outside and break a sweat standing in the driveway. I've had to empty the dehumidifier, which has a five-gallon tank, every day for the past three days. Yes, you read that right: fifteen gallons of water. How the hell can that much water be floating around in the air?

I have a fly problem. This morning, there was one fly sitting on my computer chair. I went to take a shower and found two on the chair, so I went and killed one. I returned from breakfast to find three more, bringing the grand total to 4. That doesn't count the three that are sitting dead in the lamp on the ceiling. Where do these bastards come from? That's a rhetorical question, as I have procured a nice trap for them. The bastards will stick to it and die.

Life with the LCD is considerably easier: I don't have eye fatigue or headaches anymore when I use my home computer! Yay! The downside, though, is that the screen I'm using is a 25ms display ... if you don't know what that means, chances are you don't need to know what it means :p I wouldn't mind a 4ms 19" display one bit :D
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Man, that's work. 
Sunday, 17 July, 2005, 16:41 -
I broke a sweat just standing outside. Seriously, it shouldn't be like this, it's 90 degrees and the humidity's only at 42% :p

Also, the C-5050Z finally bit it. The mode selector dial found it necessary to come off when the camera's strap brushed against it while I was picking it up to take some pics. Time to get that fixed.
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Yes! Call Hillary out! 
Friday, 15 July, 2005, 16:24 -
Bo Andersen, president of the Video Software Dealers Assn., said Clinton's action went way too far.

"Sen. Clinton is a fine lawyer and undoubtedly knows that her proposal is unconstitutional," he said in a statement. "The senator's proposal is politically savvy but will do nothing to help parents make informed choices about the video games their children play. In fact, by turning the voluntary video game ratings system into a cudgel of government censorship, Sen. Clinton's proposal ironically would likely lead to the abandonment of the ratings system."

Full article here.

We all know Hillary is doing this for political gain. It's blatantly obvious she's trying to make the Democratic Party appear to be concerned with family values just like their rivals. I just hope everyone else catches on so we don't end up with her in office again :p
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Added a link 
Friday, 15 July, 2005, 03:26 - I added a link to The Sober Truth, over on the Links page. You'll have to register there if you want to post.

I am currently finishing loading Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 on my comp. It's moving forward, though slowly. I discovered that my DVD-ROM doesn't particularly care for Half-Life 2 Disc 3. No matter, the burner likes it .... I would have had massive seizures if my computer decided to deprive me of HL2DM.

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GTA:SA continues to piss people off. 
Thursday, 14 July, 2005, 16:43
Hillary Clinton wants an "inquiry" into the Hot Coffee stuff now. Seriously now ... the game did not ship with this stuff enabled; it requires a third-party modification. If they absolutely have to go after someone (which they do, as these assholes always start a freakin' witchhunt when this type of thing happens), they should go after the guy who wrote the mod. Or maybe they shouldn't ... maybe they should STFU and crawl under a rock :mad:
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