Dissecting feet 
Saturday, 28 August, 2004, 22:00
Looks like the MBA classes are pretty interesting. The professors in the Business School are more animated than those in the CS school.

I'm sitting at work right now working on a laptop that belongs to a doctor who does presentations around the country. He is used to having Powerpoint work in a certain way. A couple days back he performed an update or changed a setting that altered the way Powerpoint behaves and, of course, he doesn't remember. How the hell am I supposed to guess what he did? Next thing you know, I'm testing Powerpoint with literally hundreds of different settings, watching the presentation (which, by the way, has tons of pictures and videos of peoples' feet getting cut open) over and over again each time. Bah.

I want to get a couple of other websites looking a bit nicer, too ... I guess I'm happy with how this one looks, but it's still missing that certain something (no ... not traffic, but more of that would be helpful too). I'm also kinda sick of the ssh window hanging for a couple characters. This happens a lot when I am pressing the backspace key to correct a spelling mistake or something ... there is a definite need for a CMS, but I haven't had the time in the past week to develop one. I'll get on that and finish it sooner than project_w (which is still on hold). How soon that is ... well, your guess is as good as mine.
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School starts 
Tuesday, 24 August, 2004, 01:00
First day of school ... now I'm on the road to a Master's in Computer Science and an MBA. I'm taking Microeconomics, Intro to Financial Accounting, and Virtual Reality. What a mix. Still fixin' that box I was working on yesterday ... the 15GB 5400RPM drive in it decided to crap out. I was able to save most of the guy's data, but some of the physical problems of the drive appeared in the "My Documents" folder so some files stayed behind.

I'm loading Win2K Pro on that box. Currently, I'm reloading Works Suite 99, which the guy owns. I'll also have to reinstall the drivers for his HP Deskjet 5650, which is a pretty quick printer if I must say so.

Ran into Don today, he's in the MSCS program as well, and is taking Virtual Reality. Glad to know I have at least one course with someone I know.

Upon finishing that last sentence, I kind of realized that I need some freakin' emoticons on this page. Perhaps a content management system is in the not-so-far future ... not as far as I had originally planned. If you must know, I wanted to implement a CMS when manually updating the page became unwieldy, but it'll just make things easier for me. w00t.

Okay, the box just got done loading Works. Time to go keep fixin' it.
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The return of emacs 
Monday, 23 August, 2004, 01:00
emacs is back, school starts tomorrow, and I'm doing free stinkin' computer repair today. Someone is throwing h8 at me.
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Doom 3 falls 
Friday, 13 August, 2004, 01:00
Well, I finally beat Doom 3. I've been playing it on and off for about a week. I have to say, it was worth it. I hope there are better endings on the higher skill levels.

School's coming up. Ugh. I have orientation next week for business school, and classes start on the 23rd. I still need to buy books. I will not be able to get my hands on any used books because I can't go downtown earlier than the 20th (possibly 21st?). I'd better pick my least favorite appendages ... hopefully they'll accept them as payment

On a work-related note, I hate it when customers do not want to pay for services rendered. I mean, seriously ... you can't expect us to do the work on your computer for free. Mechanics charge for all the work they do on your car, doctors charge for every minute they see you, the Maytag Man charges when he comes to fix your appliances. What makes a computer repair place any different? You have signed an agreement that clearly outlines the prices, and you should be glad we're not charging you for the actual time it takes to fix your machine. Just accept the fact that we're not charging you for 5 hours at $60/hour, pay it, and go home. Is that too much to ask?

Now that I've finished Doom 3, I think I'll have more free time after work. I guess I'll spend it playing Unreal Tournament 2004 ;-) There's a show coming up on Sunday that consists of Walls of Jericho, Sworn Enemy, Mastadon, and Fear Factory. It is at the Metro in Chicago ... anyone who knows the Metro knows that it is a pretty damn small place for a band like Fear Factory to be playing :-) It's gonna be fun.
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Doom 3 screenies 
Tuesday, 10 August, 2004, 01:00
More Doom 3 screenies have been posted. This brings the grand total to 24 thus far. I need to play that game more often.
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