My first Doom 3 pics 
Friday, 6 August, 2004, 16:51
So I've posted the first 16 Doom 3 screenies. Doom 3 takes screenshots in TGA format, which looks very good (I assume it's uncompressed), and the JPEG compression probably reduced the quality a little, but the pictures are still great.

My cousin visited for the last week of July, which I also happened to have off. That's why I didn't update; I didn't use my computer much during the first part of that week, and the last part was just a bit busy. Oh well.

You may notice project_w hasn't been touched in a while. I haven't touched my laptop in weeks, and that's where it resides. I might just change the project_w link to something else because I just don't update it freqnetly enough.
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Friday, 6 August, 2004, 14:15
Short update now, since I have to leave for work ... Doom 3 kicks some serious ass. I haven't gotten too far in the game yet, but I'll put some screenshots into the "pics" section and update as I play more. The graphics are amazing, and it really does make you jump every now and then.
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Julie Duty 
Wednesday, 21 July, 2004, 01:00
It's official ... Julie's going to jury duty and she ain't happy. I'm hoping they tell her to go home and don't put her in the jury box (or whatever they call that thing).

We delivered 50 of those computers to their destination (Rochelle, IL) today. That place isn't that far, and it only seems a little smaller than Des Plaines. I could actually imagine living there, unlike Milledgeville, which has a population of 1200 and lots of farms and stuff ...

I'm working on custom error documents, but the .htaccess file doesn't go. I'll have to find out why this is, because my error documents rock the freakin' house.
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Monday, 19 July, 2004, 01:00
Small update ... my celly's ringtone is tha shiznite so I have uploaded it, and it is now available on the files page. It's only available for Samsung phones that support MMF, though ... I'm not sure how to convert it to other formats, so if anyone else knows, drop me a line. Oh, wait ... the "mail" page isn't up yet. Wait until the "mail" page is up, then drop me a line ;-)

I've gotten kind of sick of vi, so I'm dumbing the site down with some emacs until I get the motivation to get my hands on UltraEdit. I cannot believe I followed Prof. Theys's advice and used emacs, but what can I do, there's no pico on this system!

In other news, my mom busted out some 1337-fu and unlocked her cell phone. Now, if only she could do it with that Sony Ericsson T230 she has laying around ... she'd probably be the only one in the state (country?) with an unlocked Sony Ericsson T230 with Hungarian menus.

Update on the TV situation ... Best Buy gave us a call and informed us that the RCA TV isn't repairable, so they gave us store credit, which was used to buy a 32" Sony FD Trinitron TV. I know, I hate Sony, but they have great tubes. Now, for some reason, I can't get the VCR to work over the co-ax cable here in the basement. I'm not sure how to keep the VCR hooked up to the projector using RCA cables and to the TV via co-ax. I'll probably figure it out soon enough ...

My cousin drew me a fat ol' frog, it looks pretty sweet. I'll post it eventually, along with some more albums ... well, as soon as I gather up enough pics for more albums ...
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Thursday, 15 July, 2004, 01:00
So I've changed web hosts now to TDH, mainly due to the fact that the ever-so-awesome Mike Lee hooked me up. Of course, now I have to either write my content-management system, or I have to get a text editor that has SFTP support (i.e. UltraEdit 10). Until then, I'm SSH-ing in and using vi. Pity me, for I am ... uh ... using vi.

We're building a 114-system order at work now. We've completed about 35 so far, which isn't bad for the first day of assembly. Of course, we must power each individual system up to test the components, but it's hard to boot into an operating system when the client has password-protected it. There are 5 different configurations within this order, each with its own respective software config. Thus, we have received 5 hard drives from the client, each with said software config. The machines are to be Ghosted from these hard drives, which isn't a problem ... it's the lousy password that is. I was able to get around the first set by using the Windows XP "Administrator" account, mainly because people very rarely put passwords on that account ... unfortunately, the subsequent images do have passwords, so I'm kinda hosed until the client calls and gives me the passwords.

Last Tuesday Best Buy decided it would be nice to deprive the basement of its TV ... instead of replacing it under the 4-year extended coverage plan we got, they opted to send it in for repair. Bummer. Oh well, I hooked the TV up to the projector, which is bloody amazing. It may not be absolutely huge, but we're talking an 8-foot diagonal screen here. Beautiful. This screen also plays host to a Playstation 2 and a Nintendo 64, and will eventually have an old-school NES hooked up to it as well, just for old time's sake.

Okay, I'm sick of vi ... that's it for now ;-)
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