Little bit of a change 
Saturday, 20 August, 2005, 04:15
I screwed around and made a simple new header graphic. The rest of the site's colors will probably follow suit. If everything matches up, then chances are I've already customized what I wanted to customize.

UPDATE: I dub this color scheme: "TEH BLUE, KTHX" :cool:
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Confusion! Chaos!  
Thursday, 18 August, 2005, 02:36
The calendar is fubar! :lol: It's not Tuesday. The time on the server is correct, though, so I think it's a problem with the (drumroll, please) SCRIPT! BLAH!

I'm going to think this crap over :mad:

To make matters worse, each post is dated properly! AAAAH, The Calendar is eating me alive! :p

AMENDMENT: Holy crap. It appears that the calendar somehow switched from displaying Monday as the first day of the week (as it did in previous months) to doing it the right way and putting Sunday first, but it didn't do the numbering properly. CURSES!
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This is not a blog. 
Wednesday, 17 August, 2005, 13:16
I hate that word. It grates on my nerves. It's also not a "live journal" (or any other journal for that matter). It's my personal website. I am serious. I'm about to go through the source code of the script that runs this site and remove the word blog.

I hate how the word "blog" is both a noun and a verb. "Are you ready to blog?" the header says when I want to create a new entry. No asshole, I'm not ready to blog. I'm ready to post an update. "Happy blogging!" it says when I log in. Excuse me, what? Last I checked, you can do more than post updates; there are configuration options and other pages to post on apart from the front page. I mean, the "Add Entry" page even says "entry" twice, but it first asks me if I'm indeed ready to blog. It's flat-out obnoxious.

Eh, maybe not what you were looking for in a Wednesday-morning rant, but what can I say, it annoys me.
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Jeff got some new couches! 
Saturday, 13 August, 2005, 04:51
Yep, they're really comfortable :drool: They haven't been farted on yet, though, so they're not fully broken in.

Well, my time at MicroNet is counting down quite rapidly. Julie and I have pretty much decided on future endeavors and where they will take place. All I need is a wad of cash which, using my current savings scheme, should be generated pretty soon.

I am retaking the pictures of the merchandise with my dad on Sunday. We'll be taking them outside around noon, since sunlight appears to be a hell of a lot better than that blue bulb. The ceiling is way too high to reflect a decent amount of light back at the product ... that, or the product is too small, I haven't decided yet.

My face is itching horrendously, even though I shave somewhat regularly. Oh well. As for my toe, well, it's just as swollen as it was before, even after stabbing it repeatedly with a needle and slicing it with a blade. I might have to see a doctor for this one.
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Windows Vista first impressions 
Wednesday, 10 August, 2005, 22:35 -
I have received two first impressions: one on an "incapable" set of hardware, and one on a "capable" computer. The two machines are: Pentium 4 1.8GHz, 384MB PC133 SDRAM, i845D-based motherboard, nVidia TNT2 M64 w/32MB, 80GB Western Digital HD, 6x DVD-ROM; and Dual Opteron 246, 512MB PC2100 ECC Registered DDR, Via K8T800-based motherboard, Radeon 9800 Pro w/256MB, 20GB Fujitsu HD, HP DVD100j DVD burner.

Setup was quite simple on both systems: boot from the setup DVD, enter your key, tell it to install, and go take a nap. It did take quite some time to install Vista on both systems. This could be due to the fact that the OS itself is four freakin' gigabytes in size. Look for more computers coming with DVD-ROM drives as standard equipment.

Let me come out and say this right now: DO NOT LOAD VISTA ON SLOW HARDWARE. That Pentium 4 1.8 is fast enough, but the video card is asstastic and should not be used with this operating system. It is much, much cooler if you load it on a system with a bitchin' video card. You now know my first first impression: Vista sucks on old hardware.

Now, on to the good stuff. Yes, Vista has a significant amount of eye candy. For starters, they got rid of the Fisher-Price taskbar in favor of a sleek black one. Unfortunately, that's the only one they include with Beta 1. I sure hope they make it easy to create new themes so third-party programs like StyleXP aren't necessary anymore. That's not all, though: the windows themselves now get shadows and transparent borders and title bars! Yep, not only is Apple going to use Pentiums, Microsoft is rewriting MacOS! This is actually the reason why you shouldn't use an older graphics card with this OS ... the TNT2 wasn't powerful enough to handle it. Then again, neither was Paul's Dell Inspiron 4000 series laptop which has an ATI Mobility something-or-other (definitely pre-Radeon).

The window borders themselves are really slick looking. They're not exactly transparent unless you have a bunch of them stacked on top of each other; they're translucent. When you move one window on top of another, the title bar/border blurs whatever is behind it. In my opinion, this is totally useless, but it looks really cool. In addition to this bit of coolness, the windows themselves undergo some pretty swanky new animation when they open, close, minimize, and maximize. Yes, I said "swanky".

Windows Explorer has received a bit of a facelift as well. The familiar paths we're used to (C:\Windows\System32) have been replaced by these funky little arrows that also act as drop-down lists. Sure, you can click on the text box and type the path manually, backslashes and all, but they appear to be making their unfortunate exit.

I checked out the Music and Pictures folders as well, diving a bit more into the Music than the Pictures because I don't have too many pics at work :p There are some pretty interesting ways to organize music and picture files now. It appears as if the whole "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Music\Bunch\of\Subfolders" thing is gone and that all of the music is just stored in My Music. This can be an organizational nightmare, but lo! MICROSOFT TO THE RESCUE! You can do all sorts of stuff on the fly: organize by name, release date, artist, rating, length, and genre. Furthermore, you can "stack" them into virtual folders that can be controlled using various drop-down lists containing the categories. Pretty cool.

Vista comes with Windows Media Player 10, as does Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. I think it fits pretty well with these operating systems, though WMP10's color scheme could use a bit of a touchup for Vista. WMP10's blue looks kind of out of place on Vista's black.

The Control Panel has been shuffled around a bit. They're keeping the now-familiar "Category View" as the default, but Classic View is also available. And what's this?! "Parental Controls"? I can just hear the 12-year-olds bitching about this one! If you have multiple users on your computer, you can currently control access to games based on username. It's pretty cool, actually. You can limit access to games based on rating (using ESRB or PEGI rating systems), block games with no rating, and/or block games based on content (i.e. alcohol references, blood, cartoon violence, drug references, etc.). You can also block specific games installed on your system. Just to test, I set up a limited user account and blocked Solitaire; there was a nice big lock on the screen indicating that I can't play. I tried anyway, but it told me to ask for permission. I had officially pwned myself. At the moment it only allows you to restrict games, though. That's right, put the little bastards in their place.

The main reason I decided to test Vista, though, was Internet Explorer 7. I could honestly care less about the eye candy, organizational schemes, and shuffling about of various settings and whatnot. Microsoft has been lagging pretty far behind on the browser front: lack of proper PNG support (you try an alpha-blended PNG on IE6 and tell me it works properly), CSS issues, etc. The new IE supports PNGs fully, rendering the alpha-blended ones perfectly. It also includes RSS support and tabs. So basically you have Firefox with an ActiveX binding and the Microsoft name. I'd be impressed if it wasn't for the fact that other browsers have had these since before IE6 even came out, but at least we're getting with the times ;)

I could go on and on about Vista, but I won't. I have edited this document to post the screenshots I took while writing (which Microsoft Paint saved as 24-bit PNG images by default). They are linked throughout the text for your viewing pleasure. I hope you found this rather long post of mine somewhat informative.
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