No backing out now. 
Friday, 17 August, 2007, 21:17
... not like I was going to back out, though :) Rehearsal's over. Friday afternoon traffic is teh suq, though.

So ... everything is in order. Julie seems a lot more calm and collected now that the rehearsal is done; she was getting somewhat riled up beforehand. I'm glad she calmed down, I didn't want to have a Bridezilla on my hands :)

Looks like the next thing we have on tap is the wedding itself. Luckily, the rehearsal was pretty simple, and the steps are easy to remember. I know my ass would have forgotten the steps if they were any more complicated.

I learned today that they don't actually say "you may kiss the bride" during weddings in the Catholic Church. Kind of silly, but I think I'll go ahead and ask the priest if I can go ahead with it when the time comes :)

Time for a good night's sleep, and then for a wedding.
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Friday, 17 August, 2007, 17:26
Somebody help me, Julie stole my pants!

Seriously though, I'm at her mom's place now and am waiting for her to finish steaming my pants. Apparently they were a bit wrinkled, which I don't understand because I ironed them and hung them up in the closet.

Rehearsal is scheduled to start in 30 minutes, followed by the infamous rehearsal dinner. I hope it's good, all I had was a small sandwich. I need more food than that.

Bob is on his way ... apparently traffic sucks, and he's stuck in it. He'll probably make it to the church by the skin of his teeth, which is better than not being able to make it at all :)

Time to go get my pants now.
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Friday, 17 August, 2007, 10:03
So ... rehearsal and its associated dinner is tonight. I'm pumped now. Time to get this overwith. Let's do this thang.

No work today. It felt kind of odd waking up at 8:30 this morning instead of my usual 7:30. Now it's time to take care of things ... one of the things on the menu for today is to start moving stuff from Julie's mom's house to the reception hall for tomorrow's festivities.

As of now, about 27 hours of being a single dude left.
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2 Days 
Thursday, 16 August, 2007, 19:09
Well, I'm off work until September now. Perhaps tomorrow, when I wake up late and don't go to the office, I'll get a little nervous ... or perhaps not.

Rehearsal is tomorrow. I think that may have some effect, but then again I could be wrong. Maybe I won't be nervous until after the deed is done :D
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3 Days 
Wednesday, 15 August, 2007, 23:37
Three days ... more guests are arriving now. I'm completing an assignment given to us by the priest ... memories :)

There are going to be a few people visiting the house tomorrow, both from Julie's family and mine. We're probably going to catch a movie tomorrow after they see the house.

Somewhere in there, I'll need to pick up my tux. I want to have it here before Friday so it's ready to go.
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