Good Times? 
Saturday, 25 September, 2004, 01:00
Good times to commence in approximately 5 minutes. There is a possibility of pictures. Don't hold your breath. If you do, I will not be held responsible for your death
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Still alive 
Monday, 20 September, 2004, 01:00
Okay, the T accounts didn't eat me. They did eat the electricity at UIC. I didn't have school on Tuesday and Wednesday due to this fact. This has to be the only time I have been angry that I didn't have school ... it took me nearly 16 hours to do that Accounting homework and I couldn't turn it in! Unbelievable.

There was a hardcore show last night that was pretty sweet. 8 bands for $10, that's how I like it. Some of the guys got a little too excited while dancing and nearly knocked the soundboard over. That would have sucked.

I know it's been a while since the last update, but there's really not much to say at the moment. Oh well. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled South Park watching.
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The Ts are haunting me 
Thursday, 9 September, 2004, 01:00
I have concluded that T accounts will eat me alive. Yes, that's the part of Accounting I'm doing right now. It's not so much the fact that debit and credit are totally counterintuitively named when they're on the Asset side of the oh-so-famous Accounting Equation, but the fact that so many of htem can pop up at any given moment it's not even funny. Also, coming from a CS background I have no clue where to stick these Expense accounts. I think those will also join in the evildre eating, along with the T accounts.

That being said, it's kind of hilarious to try and get the correct results for the first homework assignment.

As for CS, I'm finding it hard to believe that MIT doesn't make some of their published papers available for free online. Like I'm really going to pay $10 for a paper I'm going to use once. Give me a freakin' break. I also find it hard to believe that UIC, despite being yet another university with a computer science program that has interest in VR (understatement of the month), does not have access to these same published papers. What's a guy to do? I should have driven to MIT over labor day weekend and kicked all of the faculty, staff, research assistants, etc. in the nuts.

That's all for now ... the T accounts have successfully consumed my state of alertness.
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Autumn is coming 
Sunday, 5 September, 2004, 01:00
So it's Labor Day Weekend now, the last unofficial weekend of summer. Bugger. That means autumn, the most depressing season of the year, is upon us. Ugh.

I've been gaining a little tiny bit of traffic on this here website lately. Verbal pimping does kind of help. Also, spreading boxes.wmv around all over the place helps tremendously :-)

No progress on the CMS yet, I'm trying to get my thoughts on it should be organized. I don't want to download a pre-made package because then I have to worry about checking other websites for security updates and stuff. I'd rather just write my own and keep it private.

So happy Labor Day Weekend, people. I might not update unless something cool happens.
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Dissecting feet 
Saturday, 28 August, 2004, 22:00
Looks like the MBA classes are pretty interesting. The professors in the Business School are more animated than those in the CS school.

I'm sitting at work right now working on a laptop that belongs to a doctor who does presentations around the country. He is used to having Powerpoint work in a certain way. A couple days back he performed an update or changed a setting that altered the way Powerpoint behaves and, of course, he doesn't remember. How the hell am I supposed to guess what he did? Next thing you know, I'm testing Powerpoint with literally hundreds of different settings, watching the presentation (which, by the way, has tons of pictures and videos of peoples' feet getting cut open) over and over again each time. Bah.

I want to get a couple of other websites looking a bit nicer, too ... I guess I'm happy with how this one looks, but it's still missing that certain something (no ... not traffic, but more of that would be helpful too). I'm also kinda sick of the ssh window hanging for a couple characters. This happens a lot when I am pressing the backspace key to correct a spelling mistake or something ... there is a definite need for a CMS, but I haven't had the time in the past week to develop one. I'll get on that and finish it sooner than project_w (which is still on hold). How soon that is ... well, your guess is as good as mine.
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