Tired ... 
Tuesday, 13 September, 2005, 02:38
Yeah, tired. I'm going to head to bed with a minimal post ... but at least I posted this week :D

Still coming off the problems last week. My hand's still a bit screwed up and the fact that I experienced quite a few good handshakes today isn't exactly the best thing for it :p I think I'll have to create and enforce a bedtime for myself because this tiredness is getting rediculous.
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Thursday, Thursday 
Friday, 9 September, 2005, 01:42
I had to tell myself that over and over ... it felt like Wednesday all day due to Labor Day, especially due to the fact that the garbage was collected today.

Anyway, yesterday was a nightmare. I couldn't concentrate much ... turns out I'm somewhat sick, I guess, and I was all dizzy while trying to read. Nevertheless, I finished reading and managed to pull off a perfect score on today's quiz without the book. Still feeling a bit under the weather with the NyQuil at the ready, though.
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Am I being lazy or productive? 
Wednesday, 7 September, 2005, 01:19
I'm kind of kicking back on the couch after reading and taking notes on the latest chapter of my OB book ... looking up information on SAGE and reading associated papers on my laptop, while Aqua Teen Hunger Force plays on my main machine.

I don't care if that last sentence didn't make sense, by the way. Heck, I don't care if any of these sentences make sense today because I feel like crap. I think I'm allergic to my street. I was fine until I came home, and then my nose turned into a freaking faucet. It's like this every time I come home :p

QUICK EDIT (and shameless plug): Chicago-area visitors! Contact Effective Air for all your HVAC needs. Speaking from experience ... great people to talk to and work with.

This past 3-day weekend kind of threw me off. I now have a 3 more days of a 4-day work week ahead of me. The support/dev meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, instead of the usual Tuesday.

Also, I just noticed that the calendar spontaneously fixed itself.

Thus ends this disorganized post.
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Kanye West is an idiot. 
Saturday, 3 September, 2005, 05:06
Do a search, see the video for yourself. "George Bush doesn't care about people," he says. "They sending the military in to kill us," he says. Get a clue. It has nothing to do with blackness (I believe it was Wolf Blitzer who mentioned that the people were "so poor" and "so black" ), it has to do with the fact that people are looting, raping, and killing. The only good things about the video were the reactions from the other two, Michael Myers and Chris Tucker ... they're like :wtf:

See, if someone stole your Coupe deVille rollin' on dubs, you'd probably want to kill them, right? If someone raped your sister, you'd wanna pop a cap in they ass, right? If someone killed your mother, you'd want to get cho revenge, right? So if someone else's stuff is getting stolen (which doesn't warrant killing by any means), and if someone else's relatives are getting raped and murdered (rapists, murderers, and pedophiles serve no useful purpose to society and should be put to death, in my humble opinion), it's suddenly wrong to serve justice to them? What a way to be!

Notice how I didn't say "what a way to think", because the guy obviously is not thinking ... he appears to have the mental capacity of a cinder block.

... and then, right on schedule, Jesse Jackson comes out and plays the race card :rolleyes:


EDIT: It was Chris Tucker, not Chris Rock. I get those two confused all the time for some strange reason.
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I sure hope he's right. 
Friday, 2 September, 2005, 23:45
I heard today that Forbes is predicting $35/barrel of oil next year. That would be fantastic.
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