They're right. 
Tuesday, 27 September, 2005, 02:54 - ,
I wrote this post yesterday, but the server was refusing connections for some reason yesterday, so I didn't get around to posting it until now. Anyway ...

The iPod Nano is indeed "impossibly small," as Apple says. You can barely feel the thing in the palm of your hand. It would be nice, though, if more accessories were available for it. Apple's advertising iSkin-like pouches for the Nano, but they're not out yet ... I mean, come on. People want these things when they buy their Nanos, not two weeks from now :rolleyes: That being said, I'll still check in various places to see if they're available.

I'm watching the Brazillian Grand Prix while doing some stuff at the moment. It's not packed with the "drama" of Nascar, but it aslo doesn't suck like Nascar :D Just before the announcer announced it, I noticed that the McLarens appear to have some nasty spots on the front right tire ... I don't particularly care for McLaren Mercedes because, well, I don't care for Mercedes myself :D I wouldn't mind seeing Toyota own everyone left and right, but that isn't gonna happen yet, I guess.

I replaced my video card's fan with a big ol' copper Zalman something-or-other. Now there's an 80mm fan on the video card as well, and it's significantly than the stock fan. Of course, the stock fan was making all sorts of noise anyway so pretty much anything would have been quieter :D The same damn thing happened with my motherboard's chipset fan, though ... I wonder why manufacturers put the crappiest fans in the world on their products.

Anyway, I don't proofread, so I'm just going to click Post now.
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Just when I thought ... 
Wednesday, 21 September, 2005, 00:46
... I wasn't going to post due to being extremely pissed off, I post anyway ... but that doesn't change the fact that I am still, indeed, quite pissed off.

I think I'll just leave it at that tonight.
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What a weekend. 
Monday, 19 September, 2005, 00:12
Damn, was it short. Ah well, Lord of the Rings is on TV now, so it's all good :cool: The sappy part of it, though, is that I wish Julie were here. She's studying for an exam now, so I haven't seen her all day. Unfortunately, I didn't spend much time with her yesterday because she was working. I'm freakin' hurting here. Certain small, round thoughts are bouncing around in my mind ... that would solve a lot of the problems I am having at this moment, and every day I have them. No further details at the moment. The thoughts are weighing very heavily, and have been influencing my activities (or lack thereof) for the past few months.

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The Entertaining Week 
Saturday, 17 September, 2005, 00:40
Next week will be entertaining. Jack will be on vacation, so I am mister tech support. I'm still pretty much a n00b, so this is a pretty big thing. Then again, he says I'm learning fast and improving greatly every day/week, so it's all good. I'm up for the challenge.

My mom wanted an avatar for a forum she posts on :lol: Good times, good times.

Bob sent me the pictures from the Cubs game. Eventually, I'll get the pics page back up ... I'm just a bit lazy when it comes to this site at the moment :)
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Thursday, 15 September, 2005, 00:02
It picked up like crazy at work last week, and we're riding it into this week. It's freakin' nuts ... I usually get there at 8AM, and it's 6PM before I know it!

Went to the Cubs game with Bob last night. The Cubs won, yay. I hadn't been to one since 8th grade, and I found it to be much more fun now than I did then, even though I'm still not a fan of baseball :D I mean, it bores the piss out of me, but when you're there with a friend it's all good. Good times, good times. Hell, even I was standing and cheering when the Cubs scored the winning run. Eh, what can you do :D

Anyway, now that I'm home I can study. I will do that now ...

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