... so is this going to work? 
Sunday, 1 October, 2006, 04:01

... where the hell are my colors??! ... there they are.

:D :confused: :cool: :drool: :eek: :wtf: :( :heart: :lol: :mad: :rolleyes: :) :tard: :p ;) :o

I need to make a new header image.

GZip compression would be nice.

... okay, time for an actual update.
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Troubled Times 
Tuesday, 7 February, 2006, 02:09
Julie's dad has passed on ... the shock hasn't hit me yet, but it probably will the next time I visit her and her family. As I said on the main page, I'll be backing off for a little bit. Please leave comments to show your support.

These are sad, troubled times indeed :(
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Test-drove some more Toyotas yesterday 
Thursday, 2 February, 2006, 03:28
Tried out a Matrix XR 4WD, the new RAV4, and a Tacoma. I loved the Taco, but there's no way I'd get one right now ... I wouldn't use it for its intended purpose, and it gets the worst mileage of the three. The problem I had with the Matrix was that it required too much encouragement to get moving (read: I had to floor it to accelerate at a decent clip). The RAV ... that has a 2AZ-FE, which I'm already used to, and weighs about the same as a 2002 Solara. Also, it has just been redesigned, and is the size of a Highlander. Based on just these three test drives, I'd go with the RAV.

Tomorrow, I'm swinging by a Subaru dealership and a Honda dealership. I'd like to test drive an Impreza wagon, an Outback, and an Element. I don't think I'd go for the Element, though ... true, its engine is the same size as the one found in the RAV, but it gets 21/24 city/highway, as opposed to the RAV's 23/28. My guess is that it all boils down to aerodynamics -- the RAV4 seems a lot smoother than the Element, albeit less utilitarian ... more like a raised station wagon than a brick with wheels.
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Crashed my car. 
Monday, 30 January, 2006, 05:43
Dodged a deer, did a 180, ran into concrete barrier (rear passenger side hit first), dragged passenger side, stopped on shoulder facing wrong direction. I'm fine (seeing how I'm posting and all) but the car isn't. No pics yet, I'm going to the wreckers' with Julie tomorrow to get stuff out of the car.

This sucks :(
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Wednesday, 18 January, 2006, 02:28
Yeah, I know it's kind of late, but Lexus is bringing an 8-speed transmission to market with the new LS460. Holy crap, that's awesome ... I don't care how much "cooler" a manual transmission is, an 8-speed automatic is much cooler.

Anyway, I'm watching American Idol right now and it's kind of pissing me off because House isn't on this week. Or next week, for that matter. That angers me. ANGERS ME! FEAR MY WRATH!
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